Web design has become a huge part for businesses to grow in the online industry. However, it’s not simple as it looks. A simple mistake might mean wasting hours and hours of valued time and risking the reputation of an otherwise useful structure. You will most likely to succeed in online business if you have a well-made website, whilst a poorly designed one will only cause you a lot of problems.


1. Making things more complicated that they need to be

At the very least, you want to tell people who you are and what you want to do. People want to know a summary of what you are as a whole and not some extra long stories that are not even relevant to your business. Decorative websites are hard to organize and maintain so avoid making one if you can. Too much vivid colors in pages can also create similar problems.


2. Using too much fonts and huge text

Having a detailed and serious website does not equate to dull and boring content that’s going to make your readers fall asleep. You need to check out for risk of websites that are too good for their own sake. Cut down text into short simple bits that is easy to understand. Combine the text with photos too and avoid adding too much details.

Pages full of text might cause visitors to miss important details such as your contact information. It is best that you make your content fresh, engaging and catchy. This requires a great deal of work and expertise.



3. Making very basic web design mistakes

You can tell right away if a website is not properly managed by just looking at its contents and the way it has been presented. If your website has too much grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, then there’s a chance that your website will go down. Only assign people with a new perspective to look and take care of your site. In addition, always proofread and do not take for granted the small details that may be important to the outcome of your website.


4. Neglecting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website maintenance

If you’re website is not indexed in Google then that means you have a very big problem. Either your website takes too much time to load or your site is going down too often. You also have to use the right keywords and tabs for you to improve the chances of your site being indexed. All of these may sound very complicated (if you’re new to SEO), but this is considered one of the most important things when building your website. You might want to consider hiring a professional that ensures your site is functioning well in search engines.