There are so many different programs available for running and administering a site that good web design principles sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Excellent website design has some characteristics which make it usable and attractive at the same time and, by knowing what they are, you can be certain that you’re getting the best for your website.

Information and Organization

Good web design is distinguished by having a logical ordering of components that make it simple for users to get through the site as well as the information which they need. All of the bells and whistles aside, the Internet is still all about information. In case you have sloppy navigation and if it is difficult to figure out where your menus lead, then you don’t have good web design.

Each page within your website needs to have a point and those pages which do not need to be eliminated. One hallmark of terrible web design is adding pages just to have them there. Each page should offer something to anybody who visits it. Some pages will be best combined with others.

Your webpage must also have persistent navigation options. This usually means that your visitor can always go back to the webpage that they were just at by clicking a link or go back to the site from any page within the site.

Pictures and Media

Fantastic web design incorporated networking intelligently, not gratuitously. This usually means that videos have to be clicked until they load and perform but that there is a still frame that reveals what they’re. It also means that people have a way of turning slideshows on and off, muting or turning music on and so forth. There should not be so much picture content on the webpage that it slows down people’s computers when they visit the website. This is the best way to make people want to go somewhere else and it makes your site look amateurish.


Fantastic web design will oftentimes integrate several web services on your site. For instance, it’s normal to have social bookmarking icons on just about every single site these days to make certain that people can “discuss” a site without any real effort. This encourages people to give your site a social networking endorsement.

There are plenty of different services, for example, photo hosting services, that can be integrated into personal and business websites, also, and these could offer quite a bit of entertaining functionalities. Good web design has a method of creating your site in an experience that’s fun for the visitor, making information easy to find and that presents exactly the image that you want to anybody who happens to find your spot on the internet. Great web design is able to make your business or personal content glow.